Skills can be learned, but integrity and a passion for what you do are not as easy to come by.


Let's get this out of the way. There's only one rule: Content is everything. It's a timeless truism. It is the foundation upon which everything can thrive or fail. Any website worth visiting—or any print piece worth reading—starts with well written, well organized, meaningful content. And that only happens with a solid content strategy.

Form and function are how your visitors interact with your content. Contrary to popular belief, form and function are not at odds with each other. In truth, they have a symbiotic relationship. By their nature, many elements of a website’s function become its form, and likewise, its form can increase its functionality significantly. The best sites take great content and present it in an intuitive, visually pleasing way, that works across the greatest number of platforms and devices.

In general, my philosophy is simple. I believe that the Web is for everyone. It's called the "World Wide Web" for a reason. It's not just for those who have perfect minds and bodies, the newest or most expensive devices, or are connected to the fastest networks. As a designer and developer, I believe that I have a responsibility to build sites with that in mind. And the most effective ways to achieve that goal are to design with web standards, progressive enhancement, and a mobile-first workflow.

About Me

Having started my web design and development career in 1997, I am devoted to creating engaging, clean, and responsive designs. With backgrounds in both web and print design, I understand how to blend form and function, to give site visitors an intuitive, reliable, and visually pleasing experience.

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